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Simpson Strong-Tie Literature CD-ROM 2016  CD-2016
The CD-2016 is a Literature CD-ROM featuring our latest literature for Connectors, Lateral Systems, Fastening Systems, and Anchoring and Fastening Systems for Concrete and Masonry. The CD runs on both PC or Mac. Replaces CD-2015.

Wood Construction Connectors 2017-2018   C-C-2017
The C-C-2017 is a 388-page catalog including new product information as well as any applicable specification and installation instructions for wood-to-wood and wood-to-concrete structural connectors. The piece includes both new and updated load tables and material specifications.
Replaces C-C-2015

canada Canadian edition: Wood Construction Connectors  C-C-CAN2015
The Canadian Limit States Design Loads version of the Wood Construction Connectors Catalog, updated and expanded. Specifications, loads, and fasteners information provided in metric and imperial, with new products specifically for the Canadian market. Replaces C-CAN12.

canada Connecteurs Pour Constructions En Bois Conception Aux États Limites Canadiens  C-C-CAN2015CF
C-C-CAN2015CF est un catalogue de 244 pages sur la conception aux états limites canadiens comprenant les spécifications et les instructions d'installation de bois à bois et de bois à béton des connecteurs structurels. Il inclut des tableaux de charge et des spécifications de matériel. Ce catalogue a une date d'expiration de deux ans. Remplace C-CAN12CF.

S-C-INSTALL16 Installer's Pocket Guide [Bilingual] / Guía de Bolsillo para el Instalador  S-C-INSTALL16
Designed specifically for installers, this guide uses detailed graphics and minimal text to visually explain how to install many of our key products. It fits nicely in a pocket for easy use in the field. In English and Spanish. Replaces S-INSTALL14.

Diseñado especificamente para los instaladores. Esta guía utiliza gráficos detallados con un texto mínimo para poder explicar visualmente cómo se instalan muchos de nuestros productos clave. Entra muy bien en el bolsillo (de la persona) para un uso fácil en la obra. En Inglés y Castellano. Reemplaza S-INSTALL14.
Catálogo de Conectores Metálicos Estructurales
(Wood Construction Connectors - in Spanish)
Nuestra línea completa de conectores para construcción en madera incluye especificaciones, valores de carga y tablas de fijaciones especificas para más de 3,000 conectores. Aplicación de dibujos que proporcionan y clarifican la instalación. Incluye conexiones de madera-a-madera, madera-a-concreto y madera-a-mampostería. Es una referencia indispensable para quien planifica una estructura de madera. Reemplaza C-ESPANOL11.
Anchoring & Fastening Systems for Concrete & Masonry  C-A-2016
The 2016 Anchoring and Fastening Systems for Concrete and Masonry catalog (C-A-2016) features 340 pages of Simpson Strong-Tie anchor systems products for use in concrete and masonry. Reconfigured to make it easier to locate products, our latest catalog offers updated load and data tables as well as an enhanced Appendix section featuring supplemental information and design calculations. Quickly find code-listed products with the new Anchor Product Selection Guide and identify new products to the Anchor Systems line up. In addition, the catalog offers sections on carbide drill bits and restoration products. Replaces C-SAS-2012.

Sistemas de Anclaje y Sujeción para Concreto y Mampostería (en Español)  C-SAS-2012SP
El catálogo C-A-2016SP de 340 páginas, proporciona información detallada de los productos Simpson Strong-Tie para anclajes en concreto y mampostería. Las actualizaciones incluyen productos nuevos para anclaje en las líneas de anclajes adhesivos y anclajes mecánicos. La publicación también contiene una sección sobre productos de restauración para la reparación de concreto. Se añadieron o mejoraron tablas de cargas para indicar con mayor claridad el uso de los productos. Esta publicación reemplaza el C-SAS-2012SP.
Product Guide: Anchoring & Fastening Systems S-A-PG16
The 2016 Product Guide for Anchor & Fastening Systems provides information on adhesive and mechanical anchors, as well as direct fastening, carbide and restoration products. Replaces S-A-PG14.
RPS - Repair, Protection and Strengthening
Repair, Protection and Strengthening Application Guide Repair, Protection and Strengthening Application Guide  F-R-APPGUIDE16
This guide provides product information for Repair, Protection and Strengthening Systems, including FX-70®, Composite Strengthening Systems and General Concrete Repair.

FX-70 Structural Repair and Protection System FX-70® Structural Repair and Protection System  F-R-FX7014
Learn how our FX-70® Structural Repair System can save time and money on pile repair projects. Eliminate the need for dewatering, coffer dams and reduce downtime.

FX-70 Sistema de protecciòn y reparaciòn estructural inerte libre de corrosiòn FX-70® Sistema de protecciòn y reparaciòn estructural inerte libre de corrosiòn (en Español)  F-R-FX7014SP
Ahorre tiempo y dinero usando nuestro sistema de reparaciòn estructural FX-70® para la reparaciòn de pilotes. Elimina los diques de desagüe provisionales y reduce la pérdida de tiempo por inactividad.

Composite Strengthening Systems Composite Strengthening Systems®  F-R-CSS16
A flier designed to assist in the specification and installation of Composite Strengthening Systems, including fabrics, precured laminates and complementary products.

Please visit the European websites for European catalogs:     

Japanese edition: Wood Construction Connectors  C-JAPAN04
this catalog is not available in North America
Written in Japanese using metric load tables and standard Japanese fastener sizes. Contains Simpson C-Mark approved connectors for 2x4 wood construction, I-joist hangers and other products.
Design Solutions
Deck Connection and Fastening Guide  F-DECKCODE17
The Deck Connection and Fastening Guide is intended to help designers, contractors, inspectors and do-it-yourselfers ensure that their decks are properly constructed per the International Building Code® (IBC) and International Residential Code® (IRC).
Replaces F-DECKCODE13.
Seismic Retrofit Guide  F-SEISRETRGD12
The Seismic Retrofit Guide is designed to promote public safety and welfare by reducing the risk of earthquake induced damage to existing homes. New to the document are layout, tool, and material worksheets to aid the reader in project planning. Replaces F-PLANS07.
Code Compliant Repair and Protection Guide for the Installation of Utilities in Wood Frame Construction  F-REPRPROTECT09
This guide illustrates the requirements surrounding the repair and protection of plumbing, HVAC and electrical in the various building codes. Simpson products are suggested for each application and cross-referenced with specific code sections. Extensive drawings make this an easy-to-use tool for the engineer, inspector, dealer or contractor trying to understand what the requirements are, and what Simpson products should be used.
Anchoring Solutions for Simpson Strong-Tie® Connectors in Wind and Low-Seismic Regions  T-ANCHORSPEC12
This guide helps you specify Simpson Anchor Systems products for use with Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors. Use it in conjunction with the current Simpson Strong-Tie catalogs, Wood Construction Connectors and Anchoring & Fastening Systems for Concrete & Masonry

Strong-Rod™ Systems Design Guide  F-L-SRS15
The Strong-Rod™ Systems Design Guide, F-L-SRS15, is a 68-page, color literature piece designed to primarily educate Specifiers on the need to specify continuous rod tiedown systems to anchor shearwalls and roofs in both seismic and wind regions. The guide contains key considerations, components, design checklist, methods of specification and product details for the Strong-Rod™ Anchor Tiedown System for Shearwall Overturning Restraint as well as the new Uplift Restraint System for Roofs.
Replaces C-ATS07
canadaStrong-Rod™ Systems for Multi-Storey Overturning Restraint (Canadian Limit States Design)  C-L-SRSCAN16
C-L-SRSCAN16 is a 76-page Canadian Limit States Design Catalogue for Strong-Rod™ Systems Anchor Tiedown System (ATS) for Shearwall Overturning Restraint. Updates include the latest component product information, new design methods, and optimized ATS pre-engineered runs using shrinkage compensation and other components.

Strong Frame® Design Guide  F-L-SF17
The F-L-SF17 is a 100-page design guide on Strong Frame® moment frame design requirements and considerations, including methods of specification, product, anchorage and installation information Replaces C-SF13.
C-L-SW14 Strong-Wall® Shearwalls  C-L-SW14
The Strong-Wall® Shearwall catalog (C-L-SW14) features engineered design solutions and applications for Wood and Steel Strong-Walls, including the recently introduced Wood Strong-Wall SB. It incorporates the most code-listed prefabricated shearwall applications in the industry. Anchorage solutions for the Wood, SB and Steel Strong-Wall shearwalls have been updated to conform to the 2012 IBC and ACI 318-11, Appendix D.
F-C-HWRCAG16 Strong-Wall® Wood Shearwalls  C-L-WSW16
A 52-page catalog featuring the new Strong-Wall Wood shearwall with front access holdown, contains application and product data, engineering design information, installation, and anchorage details.
C-SW07 Strong-Wall® Shearwalls Prescriptive Design Guide  T-SWPDG10
This design guide provides the most wall bracing design options and flexibility of any prefabricated shearwall manufacturer. It was developed to provide equivalent wall-bracing solutions based on the wall-bracing requirements of the International Residential Code® (IRC) and the Conventional Light-Frame Construction section 2308 of the International Building Code® (IBC).
F-L-SSWINSBI16 Steel Strong-Wall® Shearwall Installation Guide / Guía De Instalación De Steel Strong-Wall® Shearwall  F-L-SSWINSBI16
A flier providing installation instructions of the Steel Strong-Wall.
Other Literature
C-CFS Cold-Formed Steel Connectors  C-CFS-15
Our latest Cold-Formed Steel catalog includes specifications, load tables and installation illustrations for our cold-formed steel connectors and clips, helping you easily specify and install in commercial curtain-wall, mid-rise and residential construction.
S-HOMEPRJCTS14 DIY Done Right - Make Your Home Projects Easier  S-HOMEPRJCTS14
A 32-page color brochure showing examples of DIY project ideas using Simpson Strong-Tie® products, including decks, patio covers, fences, and garage organization.
F-C-HWRCAG16 High Wind-Resistant Construction Application Guide  F-C-HWRCAG16
The newly updated High Wind-Resistant Construction Application Guide offers new applications, updated loads, as well as more fastening information that is used to resist high-wind.
Replaces C-HW12.
C-F-2017 Fastening Systems  C-F-2017
The C-F-2017 is a 404-page full-color catalog containing Simpson Strong-Tie fastener solutions, including our Strong-Drive®, Deck-Drive®, Quik Drive® and stainless-steel product lines. This piece provides product information, features, benefits, product model numbers, specifications and technical information (engineering load tables, spacing diagrams, installation instructions, etc.). Replaces C-F-14.

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