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New, Stainless-Steel Titen HD® Screw Anchor from Simpson Strong-Tie Combines Cutting Ability with Improved Corrosion Resistance posted 4/25/17
Titen HD SS

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors, fasteners, anchors and building solutions, has launched the next era of stainless-steel screw anchors for concrete and masonry. The new stainless-steel Titen HD® heavy-duty screw anchor (THDSS) delivers a new standard of performance in exterior applications, even in severely corrosive environments. The introduction of THDSS offers a state-of-the-art screw anchor solution that combines the corrosion resistance of Type 316 stainless steel with the undercutting ability of heat-treated carbon-steel cutting threads.

The THDSS screw anchor's cutting ability comes from a proprietary bi-metal design that uses a carbon-steel helical-coil thread brazed into the shank of the anchor. These serrated carbon-steel threads undercut the concrete allowing subsequent threads to securely interlock with the concrete.

Other stainless-steel bi-metal anchors are made by welding a full carbon segment onto the end of the anchor to facilitate cutting. Over time, however, carbon steel is vulnerable to corrosion, which can cause the steel to expand and crack the surrounding concrete. In the stainless-steel Titen HD, the carbon steel is confined to the helical-coil thread so as to limit concrete damage when it corrodes. For comparison, a 1/2" x 5" THDSS screw anchor contains less than 1% carbon steel while other stainless-steel screw anchors of the same size can contain up to 18% carbon steel.

"The new stainless-steel Titen HD anchor is a game-changer for contractors working in harsh environments," said Corey Clark, product manager, Simpson Strong-Tie. "Prior to this product being available, contractors were largely limited to using wedge anchors or adhesives. Now we have a solution available that is reliable and easy to install."

Key features and benefits of the THDSS screw anchor:

  • Ideal for exterior applications and corrosive environments
  • Type 316 stainless steel
  • Minimized carbon steel for less corrosion expansion
  • Installs with an impact wrench or a hand tool

For more information about the THDSS screw anchor, visit strongtie.com/titenhdss.

Simpson Strong-Tie Recognized as 2016 Vendor of the Year by U.S. LBM posted 4/21/17
2016 Vendor of the Year by U.S. LBM

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural and building materials, received the 2016 Vendor of the Year Award from U.S. LBM, one of the largest specialty building materials distributors in the United States, during an annual meeting for U.S. LBM business leaders and contacts in Amelia, Island, Florida.

"We are very honored to be recognized as U.S. LBM's Vendor of the Year," said Roger Dankel, President of North American Sales for Simpson Strong-Tie. "Credit for this award goes to our sales, shipping, and manufacturing teams who work tirelessly to provide exceptional customer service."

Pictured (left to right): Simpson Strong-Tie President of North American Sales Roger Dankel; U.S. LBM President and CEO LT Gibson; U.S. LBM COO Jeff Umonsella; and Simpson Strong-Tie Branch Sales Manager Kevin Dill.

New Fence Bracket from Simpson Strong-Tie Installs Easier with Lower Profile posted 4/19/17

Pleasanton, Calif. – The new, patent-pending FBFZ flat fence bracket from Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, makes the connection between rails and posts simple and strong. The flat-plate design, a new addition to the fence bracket line, is fabricated for a concealed look that shows less metal and makes installation easier by eliminating the need for toenailing or screwing.

New, bendable tabs on each end of the bracket allow slight adjustments for attaching wood rails to a post while providing a strong connection to accommodate wood expansion and contraction. The FBFZ also can be used for handrail assemblies on porches and decks that are no more than 30" above the ground. Simpson Strong-Tie recommends that installers, contractors and do-it-yourselfers check with their local building departments to ensure their designs meet the requirements for rail attachments.

"This new, sleek fence bracket will help our customers create strong structures for their outdoor spaces, with a minimal amount of metal showing," said Sam Hensen, Simpson Strong-Tie vice president and general manager for Connectors. "The bendable tabs give them additional adjustability that will save time and money in installation materials."

Key features and benefits of the FBFZ flat fence bracket include:

  • ZMAX® galvanization for additional corrosion resistance in external applications and with preservative-treated wood.
  • Flexible holes that accommodate multiple types of fasteners, including nails and Strong-Drive® SD Connector screws.

For installation details, diagrams and more on the FBFZ flat fence bracket, visit strongtie.com/fbfz.

Simpson Strong-Tie Launches Updated Strong-Wall® Shearwall Selector Web App for Construction Projects posted 3/27/17
Strong-Wall® Shearwall Selector Web App

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has launched a new version of the Strong-Wall® Shearwall Selector web application created to help building designers choose shearwall solutions based on up-to-date building code and product information without having to download additional software.

There are two modes for producing engineered solutions that resist design shear:

  • Optimized In-Plane Shear – Provides the most cost-effective Strong-Wall shearwall solution(s).
  • Manual In-Plane Shear – Creates solutions with any combination and quantity of Strong-Wall shearwalls.

Through technical analysis, the Strong-Wall Shearwall Selector provides actual drift and uplift values for a wind or seismic design shear load, while also considering simultaneous, vertically applied loads. Based on user input data, the program performs a rigidity analysis to determine the actual distributed shear to each wall in settings involving multiple aligned walls. In cases with walls stacked vertically, the program evaluates cumulative overturning effects to ensure that neither the wall, the anchor bolt, nor the anchorage to the foundation is overstressed.

The latest release now complies with the 2015 International Building Code by providing information on all three Strong-Wall Shearwall types: the Steel Strong-Wall® Shearwall (SSW); the original wood Strong-Wall Shearwall (SW); and the Strong-Wall Wood Shearwall (WSW) – the latest prefabricated wood wall that provides excellent lateral-force resistance and installation flexibility. Users are able to find specific product information based on application, save output files, and upload output files for future designs.

For information, including details on input variables, solution outputs, and screenshots, visit the dedicated Strong-Wall Shearwall Selector post on the Simpson Strong-Tie® Structural Engineering Blog.

Redesigned Foundation Plates Provide Stronger Seismic Retrofit Solutions for Older Homes posted 3/1/17

Pleasanton, Calif. – To make it easier for contractors to secure older homes to their foundations, Simpson Strong-Tie has launched two next-generation foundation plates that provide higher strength than before, giving installers greater spacing flexibility when attaching first-floor framing to the foundation.

The URFP and FRFP foundation plates are specifically designed for locations with limited vertical clearance, in basement areas or crawl spaces, where floors are supported directly on the mudsill or a short cripple wall.

The URFP, a new and improved version of the UFP plate, now offers higher strength, serving as a one-for-one replacement for half-inch (1/2") or five-eighths-inch (5/8") diameter mudsill anchor bolts. The URFP fits a variety of foundation types and mudsill offsets and insets – ranging from two and one-half inches (2 1/2") to one-half inch (1/2").

The FRFP is the improved replacement for the FAP. The new design offers higher loads and is ideal where the mudsill is flush to the inside of the foundation (or up to 1 1/2" set back). In addition to the three prescriptive sill plate fastener holes, there are now two optional fastener holes which, when filled, provide increased loads and greater spacing options. With all five holes filled, the FRFP is a one-for-one replacement for 5/8" anchor bolts.

In recent years, FEMA, regulating bodies (like the ICC) and even local jurisdictions have increased awareness of the need for seismic retrofit construction to improve the safety of older homes and buildings in areas that vulnerable to seismic activity. Seismic retrofits help bring older homes closer to the current building codes in earthquake-prone regions.

"The new URFP and FRFP foundation plates make it possible to secure first-floor framing to the foundation," said Sam Hensen, general manager and vice president of Connectors. "The new design increases the load values of the retrofit plates to match the strength of anchor bolts, allowing contractors to have a great solution for increasing the safety of at-risk homes in seismic areas, where tight spaces prevent them from installing bolts."

For more information about the URFP and FRFP retrofit foundation plates, visit strongtie.com/urfp.

New, Innovative Moment-Resisting Post Base Offers Greater Design Possibilities for Freestanding Structures posted 1/31/17
MPBZ Installed

Pleasanton, Calif. – The new MPBZ moment post base by Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, is the first product of its kind to provide moment resistance for wooden columns or posts. This innovation reduces the need for knee bracing, providing Designers, contractors and do-it-yourselfers greater design possibilities for outdoor structures.

The patent-pending MPBZ is ideal for freestanding structures such as carports, fences and decks. It features an innovative, overlapping sleeve design, which encapsulates the post, keeping it from rotating around its base when lateral loads are applied from above.

The MPBZ's ability to withstand lateral loads greatly reduces or eliminates the need for diagonal knee bracing to provide more versatility in creating open-air structures with unobstructed views. The product is engineered and tested to save specifiers and contractors time and expense involved in designing, calculating, and ordering custom-fabricated parts.

"Our customers have asked for a moment-resisting product like this for more than 10 years. We're excited to now offer this innovative post base that will expand options for building freestanding outdoor structures," said Sam Hensen, Simpson Strong-Tie vice president and general manager for Connectors. "It's available off-the-shelf, reducing the time and cost of having a part custom fabricated. The product has had extensive testing, so all the load information Designers need is easily available."

Key features and benefits of the MPBZ moment post base include:

  • Overlapping sleeve design wraps the bottom of the post to resist overturning
  • One-inch (1") tabs at the bottom to provide code-required post standoff prevents wood rot caused by standing water and ground moisture
  • Indicators and internal tabs easily identify the required concrete embedment depth
  • Strategically placed holes simplify installation with template attachment and facilitate post-installation inspection
  • Optional holes are provided for attaching additional trim material
  • Weep hole allows for water drainage
  • ZMAX® coating provides corrosion resistance for exterior and preservative-treated lumber applications
  • 4x4 and 6x6 sizes are available off-the-shelf
  • Single-piece design facilitates easy installation

For installation information about the MPBZ moment post base, visit strongtie.com/mpbz.

Faster Stud Layout with Innovative Spacer Bracers posted 1/27/17
Spacer Bracer

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, introduces the SBR and DBR spacer bracers for cold-formed steel construction. Reducing the need for bridging clips, these spacer bracers enable faster stud layout and reduce the overall installed cost of cold-formed steel stud wall construction.

The DBR is used for interior walls to eliminate stud bow and allow for quicker drywall attachment, while the SBR is designed for structural exterior walls. Both products provide bracing along the length of the stud, and for head-of-wall slip conditions. The SBR and DBR are the only spacer bracers that have load data from assembly testing to mitigate risk for specifiers.

Key features of the SBR and DBR spacer bracers include:

  • Patent-pending, precision-engineered pre-punched slots strategically located to enable 12", 16" and 24" on-center stud spacing
  • The SBR accommodates 3-5/8" and 6" studs in thicknesses of 33 mil (20 ga.) through 68 mil (14 ga.)
  • The SBR's pre-punched holes provide rapid screw installation when spacer-bracer splices are needed for axial load-bearing studs
  • The DBR accommodates 2-1/2", 3-5/8" and 6" studs in thicknesses of 15 mil (25 ga. EQ) through 33 mil (20 ga.)
  • In off-layout or end-of run conditions, the hat-section profiles enable clip attachments to the stud with Simpson Strong-Tie® LSSC or RCA connectors

"The SBR and DBR spacer bracers are a complete solution for laying out studs faster," said Randy Daudet, cold-formed steel product manager. "They give Designers the confidence they need in specifying the product while keeping costs under control."

For more information about the SBR and DBR spacer bracers, visit strongtie.com/cfsbracer.

Simpson Strong-Tie to Highlight New Products and System Solutions at World of Concrete 2017 posted 1/11/17
World of Concrete

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, will showcase new anchor solutions, Repair, Protection and Strengthening (RPS) products and Composite Strengthening Systems (CSS) during the tradeshow on January 17-20 in Las Vegas at booth #O30220.

Tradeshow goers will get a first look at the newest addition to the Simpson Strong-Tie line of Titen HD® screw anchors. Attendees are also invited to compete in a "Drill n' Fill" product installation contest where participants will install an adhesive anchor, a Titen HD concrete screw, three gas-driven fasteners, and a powder-driven fastener. The fastest overall participant throughout the tradeshow will take home the OSHA-Compliant Speed Clean™ Dust Extraction System (DXS), an innovative system that drills faster, eliminates the "blow-brush-blow" hole cleaning process, and more importantly reduces the amount of airborne silica linked to the occupational lung disease known as silicosis. The Speed Clean DXS drilling system features a proprietary bit design that allows dust and debris to be removed through the hollow center of the bit during drilling. By attaching the DXS bit to a rotary hammer and vacuum, the dust is removed the instant it's created, eliminating the need for further cleaning. All participants will receive a Simpson Strong-Tie t-shirt. Alliance partner Robert Bosch Tool Company will provide the power tools.

In addition, Simpson Strong-Tie will feature demonstrations of its RPS and CSS product lines. From custom-manufactured fiberglass jackets to fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems and underwater epoxies, Simpson Strong-Tie offers a variety of structural repair, strengthening, and protection solutions to structures exposed to moisture, corrosion, chemical attack, abrasion, and other destructive forces that plague commercial, industrial, marine, and agribusiness environments. RPS product demonstrations and installations will include:

  • A 180-gallon tide pool that will simulate the industry first, in-place repair capabilities of the FX-70® Structural Pile Repair and Protection Systems for concrete, timber, and steel structures.
  • The new RPSInject™ expanding polyurethane injection resins that stop water infiltration through cracks in concrete and masonry

Knowledgeable field representatives and product managers will be on hand to answer questions and facilitate product demonstrations and installations.

For more information and to demo these and other new products from Simpson Strong-Tie, visit booth #O30220 in the outdoor silver lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. Announces Acquisition of CG Visions, Inc. posted 1/10/17
CG Visions

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, an industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions and a subsidiary of Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc., recently acquired CG Visions, Inc., a U.S. company providing BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, services and consultation to the residential building industry. The strategic acquisition is expected to help Simpson Strong-Tie deepen its partnerships with top builders throughout the country by offering scalable and flexible BIM software solutions to help builders control costs and increase efficiency throughout every stage of the home building process.

CG Visions was started in 2000 by David Bozell, a professor in the Department of Computer Graphics at Purdue University. From 2000-2002, David brought in three other partners, Cory Shively, Scott Schultz and Tim Beckman, to bring new ideas and experience in the digital media and construction fields. The team developed its own BIM and estimation tools and is an established company serving national mid-sized to large production builders in the Top 100.

"We are excited about this new partnership with CG Visions. We're able to provide builders with choices in BIM and estimation solutions to help them increase efficiency at all stages of the development and building process, while strengthening our value proposition of being the trusted provider of building solutions to the construction industry," said Simpson Strong-Tie President of North American Sales Roger Dankel.

CG Visions President David Bozell added, "The team at CG Visions is thrilled that a partnership with Simpson Strong-Tie will bring truly innovative BIM solutions to an already trusted builder partner network, and we plan to strengthen the products and services already in place while exploring innovative ideas from our current and future customers. The emphasis both companies place on exceptional customer service will result in an unparalleled offering to the builder market."

The company's 75 employees will remain at CG Visions' headquarters in Indiana at the closing of the acquisition. Builders interested in working with CG Visions should contact the sales team in Lafayette at 888-988-4BIM.

New Products Unveiled at 2017 Builders' Show with Guest Visit from Building Expert and HGTV Star Mike Holmes posted 1/3/17
Mike Holmes

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, will showcase several innovative and time-saving products at the International Builders Show (IBS) in Orlando, FL, Jan. 10-13. In addition, professional contractor Mike Holmes will visit the Simpson Strong-Tie exhibit on Tuesday in booth W4641.

Simpson Strong Tie products featured at IBS:

  • Outdoor Accents™ decorative hardware is a new line of screws, washers, angles, straps and post bases that combine strength and beauty for building custom outdoor living structures.
  • LSSJ is an innovative, field-adjustable jack hanger that makes installation quick and intuitive. It features a one-sided connection point for ease of installation and a versatile, hinged seat.
  • HHRC is a hip-ridge connector with a higher capacity for heavier hip loads.
  • Strong-Drive® SDWF Floor-to-Floor screw simplifies the wind-uplift restraint connection, making it faster to install while providing superior performance over the life of the structure.
  • Strong-Drive® SWDC Truss screw provides a stud-to-bottom plate or stud-to-top plate connection as well as fastening trusses and rafters to top plates.
  • Strong-Drive® SDWS Framing screw is designed to replace nails. The screw reduces torque and increases holding power making installation faster, easier and more secure.
  • Strong-Wall® Wood shearwall, a redesigned prefabricated wood shearwall with a new holdown featuring front, side and back access to the anchor templates and bolts, provides greater flexibility for installation and inspection.
  • URFP universal retrofit foundation plate offers increased loads with the same installation flexibility. It provides a retrofit method to secure the mudsill to the foundation – ideal where there is minimum vertical clearance.
  • MPBZ moment post base is the first post base specifically designed to provide moment resistance for columns or posts. This patent-pending post base encapsulates the post to help resist rotation around its base.

Mike Holmes, professional contractor and the host and creator of the hit TV series Holmes on Homes®, will be visiting the Simpson Strong-Tie booth on Tuesday Jan. 10 at 11:10 am. Mr. Holmes will be helping to build a project using the new line Outdoor Accents hardware. Simpson Strong-Tie is part of Holmes Approved Products.

New Innovative, Easier-to-Install Rafter Hanger for Roof Framing posted 11/17/16
LSSJ Connector

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, introduces an innovative hanger that's easy and intuitive to use for connecting rafters to hip/valley beams in roof framing. The simple design of the Simpson Strong-Tie® LSSJ field-adjustable jack rafter hanger makes installation simple and quick, resulting in lower labor costs.

The LSSJ features a versatile, hinged seat that easily adjusts to typical rafter slopes. The gripper seat frees up a hand for the installer at the time of attachment. The hanger attaches to the open side of the jack rafter for easier fastener placement. The LSSJ can be installed after the rafters are set into place so a framer doesn't have to pause during installation. It can be used in both new construction as well as retrofit applications. The LSSJ is sold in two versions – skewed to the left or to the right – and is available in three sizes.

Key features of the LSSJ jack hanger include:

  • All nail holes are easily accessible on one side with a hammer or connector pneumatic tool
  • Gripper seat frees up a hand for the installer during installation
  • Straightforward design makes installation quick and intuitive, saving time and labor
  • Flange design allows for skew adjustment from 0° to 45° (ships pre-bent at 45° skew)

"The LSSJ is the next generation of jack hangers for stick-frame roofing and will greatly simplify how framers connect jack rafters," said Sam Hensen, vice president and general manager, Connectors and Lateral Systems. "This highly adjustable hanger gives increased strength to roofing, while offering installers simplicity and savings in the form of reduced labor costs."

For more information about the LSSJ jack hanger, visit strongtie.com/lssj.

New Decorative Hardware Brings Strength and Style to Outdoor Living Structures posted 11/15/16
Outdoor Accents

Pleasanton, Calif. – Outdoor Accents® decorative hardware is a new line of connectors and fasteners from Simpson Strong-Tie that provides both design elegance and structural strength to custom outdoor living structures. This load-rated, patent-pending hardware accommodates 4x and 6x lumber sizes, providing the flexibility installers and Designers need when designing and building custom outdoor structures.

The new mission style connectors, which include post bases, strap ties and angles, are made from galvanized steel with a black powder-coat finish for corrosion protection. The fasteners are all exterior rated and also feature a black powder-coat finish.

A key feature of Outdoor Accents is an innovative hex-head washer that is used with a structural wood screw to offer the look of a bolted connection with the installation ease of a screw. The patent-pending design of the washer makes for an easier and significantly faster installation compared to through-bolting. It is code listed (IAPMO UES ER-192) and is designed exclusively to help fasten Outdoor Accents post bases, T and L straps, and angles.

"We are excited to offer our customers such an attractive hardware line that combines easy installation with load strength," said Sam Hensen, vice president and general manager for Connectors and Lateral Systems.

Key features of Outdoor Accents:

  • Post bases secure wood columns to concrete, while providing a 1" standoff height that helps reduce decay
  • Flat T and L strap ties bring decorative appeal and lateral strength to outdoor living spaces as well as indoor projects
  • Fastener and washer create decorative bolt-like connections, but install with the ease of a screw and without predrilling
  • Structural strength tested and approved to meet stringent building codes for high-wind or seismic conditions
  • Galvanized steel with a black powder coat provides corrosion protection
  • Patent-pending design facilitates easy installation

Visit strongtie.com/outdooraccents to watch a video and learn more about Outdoor Accents hardware.

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Seismic Retrofits Now Provide Earthquake Protection Later posted 10/14/14
Simpson Strong-Tie to Showcase New Fasteners and Deck Safety Demo at the Remodeling Show and DeckExpo posted 10/9/14
New Facebook "Power Break" Campaign Features Prize Pack for Construction Industry Professionals posted 10/7/14
New Steel Deck Diaphragm Web App makes it Easier for Engineers to Design and Evaluate Fastener Solutions for Shear and Uplift Loads posted 8/19/14
New Simpson Strong-Tie Web App Makes It Easier and Faster to Find the Right Joist Hanger for Each Project posted 8/5/14
Simpson Strong-Tie Receives David Weekley Homes' Coveted "Partners of Choice" Award for 10th Consecutive Year posted 8/4/14
Strong Frame® Special Moment Frame Wins Innovation Award, Featured at PCBC Show posted 6/24/14
New Do-It-Yourself Hardware Kit Makes It Easy to Create Professional-Quality, Customized Home Improvement Projects posted 6/5/14
SEAOSC Honors Jeff Ellis with "Engineer of the Year" Award posted 6/5/14
Solar Decathlon Europe Team Builds Multifamily Building with Simpson Strong-Tie® Fasteners posted 6/3/14
Cold-Formed Steel Structural Building Products Now Included in Software Database Geared Toward Drywall Contractors posted 5/28/14
Simpson Strong-Tie Introduces New Naming and Product Series to Simplify Fastener Selection posted 5/21/14
New Post Base Simplifies Installation When Pouring Porch Slabs posted 5/20/14
Simpson Strong-Tie to Donate $10,000 to Support Tornado Relief Efforts in the South and Midwest posted 5/5/14
New CFS Designer™ Software Offers Automated Tools and Versatility for Cold-Formed Steel Design posted 5/5/14
New Strong-Drive® XL Large-Head Metal Screw Makes Fastening Steel Decks Easier, More Efficient posted 4/22/14
'Built in America' TV Show to Feature Simpson Strong-Tie on April 27 posted 4/18/14
New Hangers Install Over Two Layers of Drywall posted 4/11/14
New Fully Tested Utility Clip Connectors Offer Versatile, Efficient Installation for Cold-Formed Steel Construction posted 3/20/14
Simpson Strong-Tie Announces New President and COO posted 3/18/14
Simpson Strong-Tie Named Vendor Partner by ACDI posted 2/26/14
New Simpson Strong-Tie Video Highlights Industry-First Testing of FX-70® Structural Repair and Protection System posted 2/18/14
New Strong-Wall® SB Shearwall Featured at 2014 Builders' Show posted 1/20/14
Simpson Strong-Tie is First Sustaining Organization Member of ASCE Structural Engineering Institute posted 1/6/14
Simpson Strong-Tie® Exhibit at World of Concrete to Feature Anchoring Products and Repair, Protection & Strengthening Systems posted 1/2/14
Simpson Strong-Tie Named Sphere 1 Primary/Core Preferred Supplier for Concrete Repair, Protection and Strengthening Products posted 12/18/13
Simpson Strong-Tie Launches Expanded Literature Library Mobile App posted 11/20/13
Simpson Strong-Tie Donates $50,000 to Support Philippines Recovery posted 11/18/13
Simpson Strong-Tie Wins Architectural Products' Innovation Award For Strong Frame® Special Moment Frame posted 11/14/13
Simpson Strong-Tie Supports Habitat For Humanity's Carter Work Project with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter posted 11/6/13
Do it Best Awards Simpson Strong-Tie Vendor of the Year in Building Materials Products Category posted 11/4/13
Simpson Strong-Tie Supports Toronto-Based Hardcore Renos' Build A Home Project with Product Donation posted 10/30/13
THIS OLD HOUSE Jersey Shore Series Features Simpson Strong-Tie posted 10/24/13
Simpson Strong-Tie Supports Our American Made Home Project posted 10/22/13
Simpson Strong-Tie Wins Platinum Award for Best Corporate Blog in Hanley Wood's First Annual Brand Builder Awards posted 10/18/13
Simpson Strong-Tie Donates More Than $10,000 in Connector and Fastener Products to Solar Decathlon Collegiate Teams posted 10/10/13
Simpson Strong-Tie Donates $10,000 to Support Colorado Flood Relief posted 10/9/13
Simpson Strong-Tie® Exhibit at DeckExpo to Showcase New Products, Deck Safety Demo and Fastener Installation Contest posted 10/8/13
"Buildings At Risk" Summit Brings Stakeholders Together To Mitigate Earthquake Damage posted 9/30/13
New Field-Trimmable Strong-Wall® SB Shearwall Offers Greater Design Flexibility and Lateral-Force Resistance posted 9/16/13
Simpson Strong-Tie Continues to Expand Its Technology Offering with New and Updated Web and Mobile Apps and Online Calculators posted 8/29/13
Simpson Strong-Tie Sponsors Final Phase of Cold-Formed Steel Seismic Tests posted 8/22/13
Simpson Strong-Tie Employee Jorge Ruiz Introduces President Obama for "A Better Bargain for the Middle Class" Tour posted 8/20/13
Researchers Test Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong Frame® Special Moment Frame to Validate Seismic Retrofit Solutions for Soft-Story Buildings posted 8/12/13

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