Version: 8

Category: Cold-Formed Steel

Fast, efficient sizing for uniform bending loads, axial loads and single or multiple equal span members. "Works like an interactive version of a stud manufacturer's catalog with complete flexibility of inputs."


    • Intuitive user-friendly interfaces
    • Includes 2007 NASPEC as adopted in 2009 IBC
    • Walls (axial load-bearing or non-bearing)
    • Floors
    • Ceilings
    • Rafters
    • Span/Load Tables and Convenient Member Solver Functions
    • Headers and beams
    • Posts and Braces
    • Screw and Weld capacity
    • Deflection Track
    • Warping Torsion

System Requirements

• Windows XP
• Windows Vista 32-bit
• Windows Vista 64-bit*
• Windows 7 32-bit
• Windows 7 64-bit*

*Note: in 64-bit operating systems the software is installed and run as a 32-bit application.

User Manual

AISIWIN v8 User Manual

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