Release Notes Canadian Strong Frame® Moment Frame Selector Software
  • Extended software expiration to 3/1/2019
    Version 2.2
  • Fixed File Save/Save As bug
      Version 2.1
    • Updated steel grade numbers Fy=350 MPa, Fu=448.2MPa
    • Updated connection/base plate design PDF files to reflect steel grade update
    • Extended software expiration date to 12/31/2016.
      Version 2.0
    • Added design for 1-story OMF frames using larger beams and columns
    • Added design for 2-story OMF frames
    • Added AutoCAD help file to for frame generation in AutoCAD
    • Updated frame analysis verification file to include 2-story frames
    • Updated AutoCAD Custom draw .dvb file to include larger beams and columns for 1-story frames
    • Updated AutoCAD Custom draw .dvb file to include 2-story frames
    • Updated anchorage model naming
    • Updated User Manual
      Version 1.2
    • Extended software expiration date
      Version 1.1
    • Extended software expiration date

Canadian Strong Frame® Moment Frame Selector Software

US Version Canadian Version:
Canadian Version US Version

Category: Lateral Systems
Updated: December 22, 2016
Size: 22 MB

Release Notes   Requirements

The Simpson Strong-Tie® Canadian Strong Frame® moment frame selector software is designed to help Designers select an appropriate frame for your project's given geometry and loading. Only minimum input geometries are required for the software to select an appropriate frame for the available space. Based on input geometry, the Canadian Strong Frame selector software will narrow down the available stock frames to a handful of possible solutions. If opening dimensions are outside stock frame sizes, Designers can enter the specific opening dimensions, and the Canadian Strong Frame Selector will provide possible customized solutions.

NEW: Strong Frame Selector Software now includes two-story ordinary moment frames.



  • Requires only minimal input to help Designers quickly select an appropriate Strong Frame Canadian moment frame.
  • In addition to our 336 standard frame sizes, the software can analyze and design frames with custom opening dimensions.
  • Input screen with drop-down buttons makes it easy to key in design information and loads.
  • Software can accommodate uniform, partial uniform, and point loads placed anywhere along the span of the beam.
  • Provides output in a concise format, as well as an option for detailed output.
  • Provides anchorage design for the selected frame.

User Manual

The User's Manual (PDF) provides a detailed description of the program capabilities and terminology.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® 2003 or newer.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • AutoCAD version 2000® or newer needs to be installed to generate DWG drawings. This feature does not work with AutoCAD LT versions.



Our Technical Support Department hours are M–F from 8am–5pm Pacific Time.

In most cases you will receive a response in two business days or less.

For help, please email COMFSoftwareHelp@strongtie.com.

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