Wood Shrinkage Calculator

The Wood Shrinkage Calculator is a quick and easy tool to estimate the amount of shrinkage the structure may experience as the wood member loses moisture content after it is framed and in service. The calculator estimates the shrinkage of each wood member in the wall and floor framing assembly and provides a graphical summary to help understand the global impact of shrinkage of individual elements in the wall system. The summary can then be used to determine the best approach to handle the shrinkage in the system. Each member of the wall and floor assembly is listed in the results table along with its calculated shrinkage amount which may be printed and maintained with the project.

Click on the help buttons ((?)) for information to guide you through the details. Or click here for a step-by-step tutorial that will run alongside the calculator. PDF and printable outputs are available on the Results page.

  Wood Shrinkage Calculator Video Tutorial
Project Name
Moisture Content Data
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Final MC ? %
Wood Species Data
Top Plate ?
Sole Plate ?
Sill Plate ?
First Floor Data
Foundation ?
Wall Data
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Upper Floor Data
Floor System ?
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