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Contact an authorized Simpson Strong-Tie® dealer in your area, or contact our Sales Department at (800) 999-5099.

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To speak live with our Technical Support Department, please call (800) 999-5099.

Our Technical Support Department hours are M–F 8am–5pm in the time zone of each regional office. If the regional office is closed, you can reach our home office from 8am–5pm Pacific Time.

For questions that are easy to describe, contact us via email using the form below. In most cases you will receive a response in two business days or less.

When you contact us for engineering technical support, we can help you quickly if you include the following information. This will help us to serve you promptly and efficiently.

  • What Simpson Strong-Tie® literature are you using? (See the bottom of the last page for the document form name, such as "C-C-2017" or "T-C-NAILUPLFT16")
  • Which Simpson Strong-Tie® product are you using?
  • What is your load requirement?
  • What is the carried member's width, height, and material?
  • What is the supporting member's width, height, and material?
  • What is the application?
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