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Strong-Wall® Bracing Selector: Tutorial: Design Example

The Strong-Wall Bracing Selector (SWBS) provides pre-engineered Strong-Wall alternatives to code-prescribed braced wall panels. Strong-Wall model numbers and foundation anchorage designs are determined to meet job specific requirements and provide the narrowest bracing solutions possible. This app can be used with the Wall-Bracing-Length Calculator: Start with the WBLC to determine wall bracing length requirements then export project information and bracing requirements to the SWBS.

Project Information

Project Name
Project Address
Project City, State, Zip
Braced-Wall Line ID
Enter the wall line identification for which bracing requirements will be considered. If using the Strong-Wall Bracing Selector in conjunction with the Wall Bracing Length Calculator, the pre-populated braced-wall lines from which to choose are from the same level, and only indicate parallel wall lines, i.e., side-to-side or front-to-back.
Total Length of Wall Bracing Required in Braced Wall Line
Please enter a valid number.
Total Length of Qualifying Site-Built Wall Bracing Provided
Please enter a valid number.
Remaining Wall Bracing Required
Remaining Wall Bracing Required cannot be greater than 50 ft.

Project Inputs

Jobsite Category
Please select a Jobsite Category.
Please select an Application.
The application defines the location and type of installation of the braced-wall panel within the structure. Strong-Wall Shearwalls may be used for first story and two-story stacked applications or in cases where balloon framing is used such as two-story great rooms. Site built braced-wall panels must be used at the 2nd story if not using a two-story stacked Strong-Wall, and at the 3rd story. The Strong-Wall Portal Frame System may be used for first story applications.
Foundation Type
Please select the Foundation Type.
Concrete Foundation Strength
Please select the Concrete Foundation Strength.
1st Story Wall Height:
Please select the 1st Story Wall Height.
Select the nominal wall height of the 1st story wall framing. For Garage Front Applications, 7 ft, 7.4 ft, and 8 ft Strong-Wall portal models are installed with the garage header on top of the Strong-Wall. Alternatively, standard Strong-Wall models extending to the underside of the top plates may be used at garage fronts when a full height wall is needed or desired. The Strong-Wall Portal Frame System has an integrated header which extends to the underside of the top plates or pony wall for both garage front and standard applications. In general, Strong-Wall options are provided based on the nominal height of the framing to which the top of the panel will be fastened.

Strong-Wall Product Information

Number of Wall Segments to Consider
Please select the Number of Wall Segments to Consider.
The number of wall segments to consider is dependent upon the number of available full-height wall segments wide enough to accommodate a Strong-Wall shearwall or Portal Frame System. The user shall determine the number of available segments to be filled with Strong-Wall panels in order to satisfy the remaining wall bracing required for a given wall line. The user may indicate the minimum number of panels required to satisfy the bracing requirement or as an alternative, select the number of panels to satisfy the bracing requirement for a given wall line. If the number of segments selected is not sufficient to satisfy the bracing requirement for the wall line, the Strong-Wall Bracing Selector will prompt the user to increase the number of segments so that a solution is available. Typically, it is desirable to satisfy the bracing requirement with the minimum number of Strong-Wall panels possible. There may be instances however where multiple 12-inch wide panels would be preferred to a single 24-inch wide panel for example. Further, the anchorage requirements are dependent upon both the width and number of Strong-Wall panels used to satisfy a bracing requirement. In general, anchorage requirements, i.e., footing dimensions and anchor embedment depth, are generally less for wider and/or multiple panels.
Strong-Wall Type
Please select the Strong-Wall Type.
Select the desired Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Wall shearwall or Portal Frame System type that will be presented as an available solution. When the Strong-Wall Type is limited based on previous Project Input selections, this drop‐down is automatically populated with the applicable wall type(s).
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