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Strong-Wall® Bracing Selector: Tutorial: Design Example

The Strong-Wall Bracing Selector (SWBS) provides pre-engineered Strong-Wall alternatives to code-prescribed braced wall panels. Strong-Wall model numbers and foundation anchorage designs are determined to meet job specific requirements and provide the narrowest bracing solutions possible. This app can be used with the Wall-Bracing-Length Calculator: Start with the WBLC to determine wall bracing length requirements then export project information and bracing requirements to the SWBS.

Table of Contents

Design Example

Design Example

Design Criteria

  • 2015 IRC
  • Ultimate Wind Speed - 115 mph, Exposure Category B
  • Seismic Design Category B
  • 3 Braced-Wall Lines at 10' and 19'
  • 8' Eave-to-ridge height
  • 8" wide concrete stemwall, f'c = 2500 psi

Step 1 – Enter Project Information

  • Identify Braced-Wall Line of interest and note total length of bracing required per IRC using the Wall-Bracing-Length Calculator.

    Braced-Wall Line 1

    Garage Front - First Story

    Second Story Wall Bracing constructed in accordance with the IRC

  • Total Length of Wall Bracing Required = 4.6 ft
  • Total Length of qualifying site-built wall bracing provided = 0 ft
  • Remaining Length of Wall Bracing Required = 4.6 ft

Step 2 – Enter Project Inputs

  • Jobsite Category: Wind

    Jobsite Category automatically chosen if using Wall-Bracing-Length Calculator first then launching Strong-Wall Bracing Selector

  • Application: Garage Front - 1st of 2 Story
  • Foundation Type: Concrete Stemwall - Anchor into Wall
  • Foundation Strength: 2500 psi
  • First Story Wall Height: 8 ft with Header on Top

Step 3 - Enter Strong-Wall Information

  • Strong-Wall Type: Steel Strong-Wall
  • Portal Kit: Selected
  • Available Wall Space: 24 in
  • Strong-Wall Location:

    Option 1: Garage - Single Panel

    Use single Strong-Wall garage portal system at garage front. Solution based on 6 ft of contributing wall bracing length.

    Option 2: Garage - Double Panel

    Use double Strong-Wall garage portal system at garage front to reduce anchorage requirements and provide narrower wall bracing solution.

Available Solutions Summary

Option 1: Garage - Single Panel

  • SSW15x8 w/SSWP-KT
  • Anchored with SB1 × 30 (le = 24"). No Adhesive anchorage solutions available for the option.

Option 2: Garage - Double Panel

  • Two SSW12x8 w/SSWP-KT
  • Anchored with SSWAB3/4 × 30 (le = 20") or, 3/4" diameter adhesive anchor with 12" embedment using Simpson Strong-Tie SET-3G®, or AT-XP® adhesive.

For additional Braced-Wall Lines, repeat Steps 1-3.

Strong-Wall Bracing Selector Tutorial Strong-Wall Bracing Selector
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