Release Notes CFS Designer™ Software
Release Notes:
    CFS Designer Version V5.2.4.0
  • Updated summary report for code with S100-16 w/S2-20 selected to report axial/moment for wall stud and beam input
  • Fixed bottom left max member stress (not including Axial/Moment) in some cases
  • Updated beam input on screen report for axial moment interaction for S100-16 w/S2-20 selected
    CFS Designer Version V5.2.3.0
  • File size reduced
  • File size reduced
  • Tension members for members corrected for some not showing net section or incorrect for multi-ply members
  • Fixed LFRS Shearwall not updating if entered a certain way
  • Corrected error in stacked walls for allowable tension
  • Fixed error in LFRS Shearwall when changing a (4) Configuration on level 1 interaction changing on level 2
  • Fixed error in LFRS Shearwall reporting "NAN" on-screen when it should not be
  • Fixed errors with 1 span opening and not reporting when some web stiffeners are required
  • Fixed a slow opening module
  • Fixed issues with cantilever deflection when you have a reverse curvature in cantilever. Missing an absolute value
  • Fixed issue with 30 mil stud in 1-span opening shown blank input for connections and causing a reporting error
  • Fixed issue not allowing organization of workspace alphabetically
  • Fixed error in LC4 in stacked X brace for chord compression
    CFS Designer Version V5.2.2.0
  • Fixed error where an old file may corrupt a new file report for Max Moment for 2-span opening. Interactions not affected.
  • Fixed dimension cutoff on output
  • Fixed wall stud parapet input slowness issue
  • Fixed error in condition where 2-span opening with door and “include sill reaction from door into jamb” check had incorrect point load
  • Fixed issue with spandrel not updating flange size when modified after overstress has occurred
  • Modified beam input (horizontal) and floor joist modules to not show web stiffener for side attached connections
  • Fixed issue with wrong member showing up in spandrel module
  • Fixed slowness issue with a built-up member with different members
  • Fixed errors in spandrel module including
  • - Kicker not showing up in report in some conditions
  • - Kicker spacing reporting issue
  • - Kicker Bending/Axial interaction
  • - Kicker slope box
  • Fixed issue where a project did not show opening that was created
  • Simple X-brace on screen report made Ta-r output bold and red if TA-r
  • Fixed issue in one-span opening with connections working but software showing a red x as if they failed. Not allowing uses to print.
    CFS Designer Version V5.2.1.0
  • Fixed issue with some single span openings not showing up in tree
  • Fixed issue with single span opening not clearing errors in connections when they work
  • Fixed issue with load on 2-span opening not transferring correctly for single opening on bottom only with 4-way and width smaller than opening height
    CFS Designer Version V5.2.0.1
  • Added “Include (report overstress)” to connection option which will not allow outputs to open with warning and “Include (report overstress) = “ which will not allow outputs to open and provide error message.
  • Easier to see connections that work with “green checks” and do not work with “Red X’s” . In addition the input box for a failed connection are shaded pink.
  • Updated connection to C-CF-2023 Simpson Catalog.
  • Updated anchors from Titen 2 to Titen Turbo.
  • Updated Slip track calculation to reduce capacity based on stud spacing.
  • Fixed issue that did not allow different members for a built-up member in opening modules.
  • Fixed issues with connection resetting to different members upon changes in design
  • Fixed issue with 2-span opening and lower lateral bottom flange not saving member size.
  • Fixed issue with strength modifiers carrying over to the next created floor joist.
  • Fixed issue with base clip and 2 clips selected. Interaction was not halved.
  • Fixed issue for design of weak axis track not updating on bottom left hand interaction and reaction listed as zero.
  • Updated labels for LRFS shear walls in LFRS shearwalls.
  • Fixed error in validation warning not being cleared for spandrel when “excluded” selected for connections.
  • Corrected error in single door two-span opening.
  • Updated numerous saving issues throughout program.
  • Updated stud interconnection spacing output and validation.
  • Added shear rupture to Simple X-brace.
  • Fixed an issue with 2-span opening exporting loads.
  • Fixed an input error that was changing omega in kneewall when loads were changed from import to manual.
  • Added L/6 interconnect reporting for back to back “S” sections for 2-span openings similar to how it is done in 1-span opening.
  • Improved output 2-span opening and added project name and page numbers to report and input alignment.
  • For 2-span openings modified warning to not look at parapet pressure and only look at top and bottom span pressure.
  • Simple shearwalls – validation fix for chord thickness and input framing thickness.
  • Fixed images on 2-span openings being cut off.
  • Fixed issue for track sections for S100-16 and later. Combined bending and axial interactions incorrectly displayed as infinite.
  • Highlighting of currently member selected in tree is fixed.
  • Fixed base connection for 10” and greater tracks that do not meet h/t ratio to add a web stiffener and report “NA” for interaction.
  • Updated shear, moment and deflection diagrams to be all on 1 page and easier to use.
    CFS Designer Version
  • Stacked walls - slight modification to XMmax and Mmax to capture extreme load cases
  • Beam input and wall stud modules correction of KtLt and KyLy independent input
  • Update calculation of web crippling for y-y axis input
  • Fixed issue in 2-span opening where it was calling lower header callouts for upper head callouts for specific situation
  • Fixed web crippling issue
  • LFRS shear walls – allow negative W input in Chord Axial Loads
  • Fixed issue for LFRS Shear Walls and X-Braces, when Design Method = ASD, Additional Applied Chord Axial Loads. Wind (W) was not included in the chord compression.
  • Fixed Error in ProX header for 1-span openings
  • Fixed Wall module for Input Bending and Axial Error for Boxed Stud
  • Fixed on-screen summary 1-span opening (punched vs. unpunched studs)
  • Fixed 2-span opening wrong load export for specific condition
  • Fixed error in HSS tension calculation
    CFS Designer Version
  • Corrected kicker spacing of Spandrel not updated reactions.
    CFS Designer Version
  • Added new module for openings in 2-span conditions
  • Stacked walls increased from 8 to 10 levels
  • Added alternate wind load calculation option per ASCE for heights greater than 60 feet but less than 90 feet
  • Added S/HDU holdowns for single studs
  • Added DTT1Z for 33 mil to holdown options
  • Added ability to start Workspace output at any page number
  • Added L/6 interconnection spacing required to output for 1-span opening module for back-to-back members
  • Minor error fixed for web crippling in wall stud and beam input
  • Added tool tips and fixed a tool tip that was not clearing upon fix
  • Fixed validation on connection error not clearing when “exclude connections” selected
  • Added fy to reports for Beam Input for HSS
  • Fixed mil setting for flanges set to S125 in one span opening module
  • Fixed minor issues/glitches with 1-span opening
  • Added validation to verify holdown stud mil thickness matches chord stud thickness
  • Fixed reporting for build-up members
  • Web crippling for 8" studs and stud thicker than 0.077" based on web crippling of stud alone when base track is selected for connector
  • Fixed member selector not selecting some members
  • Fixed some minor items in spandrel program
  • Fixed an issue with wall stud summary generating an error
  • Modified axial/moment to design for compression and not tension when Axial load is zero.
    CFS Designer Version
  • Deleted (2) & (3) non-composite option from custom CFS section in beam input and wall sections
    CFS Designer Version
  • Fixed capacities for LFRS shear walls and x bracing for non-composite sections
  • Fixed issue to ensure Ry kicker reaction always adds induced kicker vertical force to Ry gravity regardless of direction
    CFS Designer Version
  • Fixed issue for gravity load in wall stud in certain sequence not updating calculations
    CFS Designer Version
  • Fixed issue with openings and built-up members not updating calculations
  • Fixed issue with knee-wall module, RCKW attached to structural steel and incorrect flag regarding attached to concrete
  • Fixed error opening output with a back to back member with no lateral load in the wall stud module
  • Fixed error message for 0.7 wind message for 1-span openings
    CFS Designer Version
  • Added Spandrel module
  • Improved design time for wall stud, beam input and 1-span opening
  • Added option for (2) & (3) non-composite members to wall stud, beam input and 1-span
  • Added member designer to wall stud and beam input
  • Added labeling to sloped loads in wall stud and beam input
  • Add “allowed” to on screen summary in wall stud module
  • Added connections to beam input (horizontal orientation)
  • Added “not bearing on support” connection to beam input and floor joist
  • Enhanced beam input (horizontal orientation) summary report
  • Automated load names for rafter and stacked wall module
  • Enhanced workspace report with more user options
  • Added section image to section properties report
  • Improved speed/response time of 1-span, beam input and wall stud module
  • Added KL/r value output to onscreen summary and summary reports
  • Added warning if 0.7 deflection potentially used incorrectly for wall stud, beam input and 1-span module
  • Fixed formatting for built up member reports in wall stud and beam input modules
  • Improved formatting for LRFS stacked and shearwall report
  • Improved General Interaction output
  • Kneewalls image was updated to reflect suction as well as pressure loads.
  • Simplified input of Wind module for tall parapets
  • 1-Span Opening Module added Required toggle in member summary
  • Fixed Issues
  • Capacity 0.018 and 0.027 in Steel Sheet was incorrectly reporting 0 value
    CFS Designer Version
  • Improved speed of 1-span opening
  • Correct Tension allowable load in beam input and wall stud modules. Some members reporting 0 allowable load.
  • Fixed issue with knee-wall not saving connectors.
  • Fixed misc. errors and issue with program crash.
    CFS Designer Version
  • Fixed issue with file getting corrupt
    CFS Designer version
  • Fixed error with wall stud and 1-span opening referring back to initial defaults for load, bracing and connections
    CFS Designer version
  • Yield strength settings fixed to not reverting to default setting in 1-span opening.
  • Issue with multiple built-up members in 1-span opening not saving proper built-up
  • Wind load in 1-span and wall stud module fixed to not revert back to default 20psf.
    CFS Designer version
  • Fixed an error with a crash in 1-span opening
    CFS Designer version
  • Addition of S100-16 w/ S1-18 amendments
  • Import of Wind load to 1-span opening and kneewall modules
  • Enhanced wind module layout
  • Additional on-screen report for required loads for wall stud module
  • Added HYS and 150 track leg to Connector Selector
  • Added images to member settings for 1-span opening
  • Added interior/exterior condition option to stacked wall module
  • Enhanced point load selector in kneewall module
  • Added connection selector in floor joist module
  • Added a negative sign to outward load in rafter module
  • Check Bending and Axial and Bending and Tension are now listed separately in rafter module
  • Changed stacked shearwall and stacked x-brace modules to LRFS shearwall and LRFS x-brace
  • Added non-composite 2, 3 and 4 stud configurations to LRFS shearwall and x-brace module
  • Updated all outputs to be more concise, consistent and easier to read
  • Error loading design combination 4
  • Error saving connection design for R1 in beam input
  • ASCE Wind ASCE 7-16 slight modification 30.3-2A overhang, 30.3-2C overhang, 39.3-2H and 30.3-2I
  • ASCE 7-16 added Partially Open Building to Enclosure Classification
  • Bug in exporting of members from wall with opening module to beam input for older version files has been fixed
  • Bug in Rafter framing has been fixed that had incorrectly initialized inputs for load combinations
  • Wall Stud module optimized to help reduce lag time
  • Corrected issue that corrupted CFS designer file
  • Fixed wind export to export max height of wind loads when building taller than 60ft
  • ASCE 7-05 issue corrected with ASD check box
    Release Notes – CFS Designer v3.4
  • Incorporated S100-16 as an option in CFS Designer
  • Added ASCE 7-16 wind load into the wind module for component and cladding wall and roof loads
  • Ability to transfer wind load from the wind module to the wall stud module based on user selected tributary area
  • Added user selected tributary area to wind module for customize reporting
  • Added ability to input multiple parapets in wind module customize reporting
  • Added an on screen wind summary in the wind module for both wall and roof loads
  • Modified wind module report to make easier to read
  • Updated images in wall stud and beam input module to include arrows to indicated load direction as well as color filled trapezoidal loads similar to the uniform loads
  • Added ability in wall stud and beam input module to design cantilever based on 2xcantilever or 2x(cantilever + span inflection point)
  • Updated all connection to the C-CF-2020 Simpson Catalog
  • Modified the on-screen member summary for wall stud module to be easier to read interactions as well as added web stiffener location requirements
  • Create a new work space report generator that allows user to organize reports in any fashion
  • Created 3 and 4 stud option configurations in stacked shearwall module (similar to stacked x-bracing module)
  • Cleaned up all layouts to line up input boxes and adjust alignment
  • Fixed a web stiffener callout error in rafters that was incorrectly noting web stiffener not needed. Note it was showing stiffener needed in on-screen summary.
  • Fixed report error in stacked shear walls for No 10 fasteners in 68 mil (not no 8)
  • Updated defaults to be more relevant start points
  • Fixed an error where HSS member and reaction not updating on screen
  • Updated all links to CFS Catalog to the C-CF-2020 Simpson Catalog
  • Fixed issue with Windows 10 and close minimize and maximize button missing
  • Added tool tip for kneewall seismic and wall with opening module
  • Updated "CFS design has an update" button and "license file message" to have better instructions
  • Corrected error with vertical load for design of connections wall stud and beam input
  • Corrected error with back to back, boxed, built-up sections for axial/moment interaction
    Version 3.2
  • Reorganized design tool layout
  • Wall stud module to design wall stud framing with enhanced loading inputs and design
  • New wall stud module output
  • Wind module added to design components and cladding for walls and roof
  • Added CFS connections to beam input, wall stud and wall with opening
  • Added base clip connections to beam input, wall stud and wall with opening
  • Enhanced layout for rafter module
  • New output for rafter module which includes max gravity and uplift loads
  • Ability to design lay-in headers in wall with opening module using strongback/lateral track option
  • Added ability to add multiple holdowns at each connection for x-brace and stacked shearwalls
  • Added on screen connector summary report for stacked x-braced and stacked shearwalls
  • Added 3 and 4 stud configurations for stacked x-braced and stacked shearwalls.
    Version 3.0
  • ASD option for stacked shearwalls
  • Load modifiers for stacked shearwalls (lapped sheet steel, and gypsum board opposite side)
  • Enhanced Wall with Opening module interface
  • Added the option to use Prox header in the Wall with Opening module
  • Added an Interaction check for single member headers in Wall with Opening Module
  • Ability to design Box header with different load anologies in Wall with Opening Module
  • Enhancedimages for custom sections
  • Enhanced layout for joist module
  • Added SCS clip as an option in connection design
  • Added SureBoard to simple shearwalls
  • Added holdowns to simple shearwalls
    Version 2.8.7
  • Fixed issue with wall with opening Built-up jamb showing interaction with no member selected.
  • Fixed issue of clearing red “fail warning” on wall with ongoing member summaries that worked.
    Version 2.8.5
  • Fixed an issue causing opening to crash in wall with openings
  • Fixed an issue that showed incorrect reaction for existing openings that were not recalculated.
    Version 2.8.4
  • Corrected an issue with the latency of wall with opening program using built-up members for jambs.
  • Corrected and incorrect and conservative value for Sure-Board for fastener spacing of 2/6 for w1 variable.
    Version 2.8
  • A new kneewall module has been added. The new module designs low-wall and overhead cantilevered studs, moment connectors and anchorage.
  • Added Sure-Board® as an option for sheathing in stacked shearwall module.
  • Added Sure-Board® ER-126 to web links under report.
  • In the General Interaction module added maximum shear force for checking bending and shear interaction.
  • Re-organized and added text to the connection designer in beam input and wall with openings module.
  • Added a X-distance user input to determine a corresponding shear, moment and deflection value in beam input diagrams.
  • An error in wall with opening module for built-up members when imported to Beam Input has been corrected.
  • An error in wall with opening module for built-up members for axial/moment interaction has been corrected.
  • The Stacked X-Brace summary report was updated to note that negative values represent uplift and positive values of factored net uplift are indicative of no net uplift. The Ratio (Factored Net Uplift)/Holdown Capacity) was also corrected to be zero when there is no net uplift.
  • Stacked X-Brace deflection calculations were updated to include resisting dead load in accordance with ASCE 7 load combinations when determining holdown deformation.
  • Stacked Shearwall deflection calculations were updated to include resisting dead load in accordance with ASCE 7 load combinations when determining holdown deformation.
    Version 2.5
  • A new stacked x-braced module has been added. The new module follows AISI S240 and S400 and allows up to 8 stories. ASD or LRFD options available
  • A new stacked shear wall module has been added. The new module follows AISI S240 and S400 and allows up to 8 stories. CFS v2.5 allows LRFD input. Future versions will allow ASD.
  • Connection design has been completely redone in beam input and wall with opening module. Design is much more flexible. All Simpson by-pass connectors and all anchors in CFS catalog as well as base track, slotted track and slip track can be designed in CFS designer. Rollers and pin supports have also been added to the beam input module
  • Wall with opening module general tab has been modified. Additional header load and additional stud axial load are now located under vertical loads and can be combined with wall self-weight. Option for excluding or including tributary self-weight has been added. Flexural bracing for jamb and stud has been separated and bracing has been re-organized.
  • Well over a dozen tool tips have been added to the software to help better understand what the software does and provide information that may be useful on particular subjects.
  • Quick links to CAD drawings, connectors, code reports and technical topic articles have been added.
  • Increased the text space for models within the workspace allowing longer names to be easier to read.
  • Added the ability to organize workspace alphabetically or entered order
  • Created a standard name generator for custom shapes
  • Added the ability to move any of the wall with opening module members to the beam input
  • Output for beam input module has been slightly modified to make the section and connection information easier to read
  • Default Summary Report pdf file names have been modified to their model name
    Version 2.0.3
  • An error generated when printing WorkSpace Reports for files with a large number of models was fixed.
  • A warning dialog box regarding delays resulting from printing large WorkSpace Reports was added.
  • An issue with stacked walls that displayed on-screen and in the summary report the wrong maximum interaction value for certain inputs was fixed.
  • A Summary Report error incorrectly displaying results for sections with web stiffeners required for negative reactions was fixed.
  • An issue that caused custom sections in Y-Y Axis orientation to show results as if they were in their X-X orientation was fixed.
  • An error that could cause built-up members in Walls With Openings to not print was fixed.
  • An error that could cause the Sheathing Parameters inputs to be invisible when a model with sheathing bracing was saved was fixed.
    Version 2.0.2
  • Performance issues related to speed when designing Stacked Walls were fixed.
  • Issues in Walls with Openings that could cause a crash when switching from a Walls with Openings model to a Beam Input model were fixed.
  • The Walls with Opening on-screen Summary Report checkbox for Wall Studs was fixed to remain unchecked if unchecked by the user.
  • An error was fixed that caused the ‘Save’ dialog box to appear in Walls with Openings even if no input changes had occurred.
  • An error that would cause a crash if certain Walls with Openings dimensions were input incorrectly was fixed.
  • The Shear Wall Results screen now shows v(allowable) in red if it is less than v(applied).
    Version 2.0.1
  • Cantilever (parapet) deflections were added to Walls with Openings Summary Report
  • The Summary Report for HSS analysis was updated to include negative support reactions
  • The on-screen Member Summary was updated to correctly show the moment ratio heading Mmax/Mayo for Y-Y Axis members and to include the Ft-lb units for Ma(Brc).
  • The User Interface was updated to properly display the location of Point and Sloped Loads on Wall Stud or Beam/Joist models
  • The Walls with Openings maximum height validation value was increased to 100 ft for each input height.
  • The Walls with Openings UI was updated to allow zero input for the dimension between the header and the upper support location.
  • A bug that for certain combinations of Walls with Openings input would not allow the user to save 97-mil framing members was fixed.
  • Updates to printing were made to eliminate extraneous pages from reports.
  • A bug that caused Beam Input models with Built-Up sections to not save correctly was fixed.
  • For Beam Input models with Built-Up sections, the on-screen summary and the Summary Report were updated to eliminate the M + Torsion column.
  • Summary Report notes regarding connection multipliers for opposite load direction were deleted from reports where connection designs were not included.
  • A handful of minor bugs that caused incorrect validation warnings and errors to be displayed were fixed.
  • Section input dropdowns were updated to include consistent ranges of flange size and thickness for all the Design Tools
  • A bug that could cause WorkSpace Reports to print incorrectly when Walls with Openings were included was fixed.
  • The on-screen code year display for HSS designs was corrected to consistently read “ANSI/AISC 360-10, ASD”.
    Version 2.0
  • Added a new tool that automates the design of a system of stacked load-bearing walls for up to 8-stories of stud framing. Existing CFS Designer V1.5 users can contact
    cfs-designer@strongtie.com for a coupon for $100 off the normal price.
  • Text format issues for headers in the Floor Joist report have been fixed.
  • Fixed a UI issue associated with Cb input for the General Interactions module.
  • For the General Interactions module, the input Lm value for distortional buckling was not being correctly applied. This bug has been fixed.
  • For the General Interactions module, an incorrect validation error appeared when Axial Lm was set to zero. This has been fixed.
  • HSS sections have been updated to ANSI/AISC 360-10.
  • For the X-Bracing module, a bug has been fixed to prevent a program crash when using text input for the chord axial bracing.
  • For the Wall with Opening module, a bug associated with sill reactions for certain duplicated models has been fixed.
  • The default for Cold-Work of Forming was incorrectly set to “Ignore”. This default has been changed to “Include”.
    Version 1.5
  • CFS Designer has been updated for the AISI S100-2012 Code. The User’s Manual has also been updated to reflect this addition.
  • Corrected the Summary Report for Boxed and Back-Back members so that the allowable weak-axis bending moment is not displayed for these members. CFS Designer does not calculate weak-axis properties for Boxed and Back-Back members.
  • Corrected a bug associated with the calculation of Cb when KyLy was set to “None”.
  • In the Floor Joist module, fixed a bug concerning the On-Screen Summary Report for the Moment Ratio. The report was based on 60 inches when it should have been set to Full Bracing.
  • Corrected a bug for X-Bracing. The program was incorrectly calculating the number of required fasteners when the Seismic Increase Factor was set to “Strap Strength”.
  • When the Code Year was set to 2010, the program was resetting the Code Year Label to 2007 when switching between program modules. The calculations were being carried out correctly for the 2010 Code; it was just the label under Member Settings that was in error.
  • For certain loading configurations under Beam Input the wall stud dimensions were not displayed in the Summary Report. This has been fixed.
  • For Sloped Loads input under Beam Input a validation error will now be generated if Y-Start is greater than Y-End. The program was previously not displaying this error.
  • For Point Loads input under Beam Input a validation error will now be generated for point loads that fall off the end of the beam/stud. The program was not previously displaying this error.
  • A few users were having issues generating Workspace Reports for certain large files. This bug has been fixed.
    Version 1.4.2
  • V1.4.2 fixes the January 1, 2016 auto update bug
  • V1.4.1.0 permits users to give a unique name to custom sections.
  • A bug with on-screen member summary results was resolved.
  • Bugs associated with printing workspace reports and saving files with built-up members have been resolved.
  • The sheathing braced design option for axial loaded studs was not working in V1.4 and has been fixed in V1.4.1.0.
  • V1.4 was giving SUBH bridging solutions when the bracing was set to "None". V1.4.1.0 fixes this issue.
  • The User's Manual has been updated to include information on Simpson Strong-Tie® connectors.
    Version 1.4
  • For the General Interactions module the program was previously allowing inputs for weak axis bending for z-sections. These inputs are now grayed out since CFS Designer does not calculate weak axis bending capacity for z-sections.
  • Some of the dropdown boxes for z-section input dimensions were not functioning properly. This has been fixed.
  • The help file has been updated to address recently added functionality.
  • A bug associated with the erroneous input of point loads falling off the end of a beam or stud has been fixed.
    Version 1.3
  • A new summary report has been created for the Beam Input Design Tool. One page output will now be produced for a two-span condition with top and bottom cantilevers.
  • Summary reports for all models in a workspace can now be printed in a consolodated .pdf file using the WorkSpace Report button.
  • Z-Sections can now be analyzed under Custom Sections.
  • The section graphics have been enhanced under Custom Sections.
  • Graphics have been added to the drop-down boxes for connections.
  • LSUBH bridging connectors are now designed along with SUBH and MSUBH connectors.
  • Designers can now choose to design bridging connectors using 2% of the applied load per AISI S211, or 1% of nominal load per AISI S100.
  • Fixed a bug concerning the reported deflection for beams/studs that don't have bending loads.
  • Fixed a bug with the allowable axial load for sheathing braced design for the Beam Input Design Tool.
  • Fixed a bug concerning the reported reactions for built-up members for the Beam Input Design Tool.
  • Fixed a bug concerning the on-screen summary results for the maximum value of the shear/moment interaction for the Beam Input Design Tool.
  • The X-Brace Design Tool has been updated for the IBC 2012 code and will now check the aspect ratio for Section C4.1 of AISI S213-07/S1(2012). An aspect ratio greater than 2 is not permitted.
  • For the X-Braced Design Tool a bug for manually entered connection design values has been fixed.
  • For the Shearwall Design Tool the program now uses the Framing Thickness instead of the Chord Thickness to determine the allowable shear.
  • For the Shearwall Design Tool the program has been updated for the IBC2012.
    Version 1.2
  • Fixed typos in the Interaction Summary Report, the Wall with Opening Summary report, the X-Braced Summary Report, and the General Interactions Summary Report.
  • Fixed a bug with the On-Screen Connector Summary when Track/Other was selected in certain scenarios.
  • Output resolution has been enhanced for graphic images.
  • A note concerning sheathing fasteners has been added to the Shearwall Summary Report.
  • The validation limits for the Deflection Load Modifier have been relaxed.
  • Fixed errors with the status bar not turning red, and for correctly displaying the deflection limit when lateral loads are not present.
  • The program will now prompt users to save before duplicating models.
  • For General Interactions, fixed bugs associated with calculating Cb, and y-axis bending for boxed sections.
  • Fixed a bug so that the Diagram Tab will not disappear after resetting point loads and sloped loads.
    Version 1.1
  • Fixed various bugs associated with built-up members with the beam input tool.
  • Fixed the on-screen member summary and status bar for the beam input tool to display the proper deflection values.
  • Fixed the KtLt axial bracing setting for the beam input tool so that it enables and disables properly.
  • Fixed a small typo in the summary report for the wall with opening tool.
  • Fixed the program so that sheathing braced design cannot be selected for Y-Y axis bending.
  • Fixed a small bug associated with validation errors with custom CFS sections in the beam input tool.
  • Added a summary report for built-up members.

CFS Designer™


Category: Cold-Formed Steel
Released: March 14, 2024

Release Notes Requirements

Update/Upgrade Notes

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Simpson Strong-Tie® CFS Designer™ gives cold-formed steel (CFS) Designers the ability to design CFS beam-column members according to AISI specifications and to analyze complex beam loading and span conditions. Intuitive design tools automate common CFS systems such as wall openings, up to eight stories of interior or exterior load-bearing studs, compression posts for shearwalls, eight stories of stack x-brace or shear wall design,floor joists with unbalanced live-load combinations, and low-wall moment connections. CFS Designer™ allows the design of multiple systems within the same job file, and supports connection design for specific Simpson Strong-Tie® curtain wall and bridging connectors like the SUBH u-channel bridging connector.

Additional features include:

  • Simpson Strong-Tie CFS Designer provides a wall stud and beam stud design tool that allows Designers to model up to 3-span beams with overhangs at each end. Designers can also add a complex array of distributed, sloped, and point loads.
  • CFS Designer automates the complicated design provisions of the AISI CFS Specification. Stress checks include; braced and unbraced moment, shear, web-crippling, axial strength, and all code-required combined interactions. The 2016 w/ S1-18, 2016, 2012, 2010, 2007, and 2004 AISI Specifications are covered by the software.
  • CFS Designer enables the design of single stud and track members, built-up box-sections, back-back sections, nested stud, track sections, and proxheaders. In addition, when CFS members are not a practical solution, the software enables the design of HSS sections according to the AISC 13th Ed.
  • In addition to modeling beam problems, CFS Designer also provides a set of tools that automate the design of wall openings for windows and doors, eight stories of x-braced and sheathed shearwalls, floor joists, roof rafters, up to eight stories of load-bearing studs and provides the design of low-wall moment connections.
  • CFS Designer can simplify your curtain wall connector, anchorage and bridging design. This software automates the design of by-pass connectors, slotted track, slip track, base track as well as SUBH and MSUBH bridging connectors.
  • CFS Designer provides an intuitive user interface that enables the engineer to save engineering models in a single file. Output files are generated in Adobe Acrobat format and can be saved as separate files as needed.

Want to learn more? Watch an overview in our Video Library.

CFS Designer


Simpson Strong-Tie® CFS Designer™ Software Tutorial (version 4.2 update)

Simpson Strong-Tie® CFS Designer™ Software Tutorial (version 4.0 update)

Simpson Strong-Tie® CFS Designer™ Software Tutorial (version 3.4 update)

Simpson Strong-Tie® CFS Designer™ Software Tutorial (version 3.2 update)

Simpson Strong-Tie® CFS Designer™ Software Tutorial (version 3.0 update)

Simpson Strong-Tie® CFS Designer™ Software Tutorial (Version 2.8 update)

Simpson Strong-Tie® CFS Designer™ Software Tutorial (Version 2.5 update)

Getting Started with Beam Input

Wall with Opening

Advanced Settings and Key Features

Stacked Walls Tutorial Video for CFS Designer

System Requirements

1. Microsoft Windows® 2012 or newer.
2. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile
3. Adobe Reader 9.0
4. Display Resolution 1280 x 768

Update/Upgrade Notes

CFS Designer™ software will be updated on average twice per year or as needed based on new features and bug fixes. Updates to the software are free of charge and are available to all users on the current version.

Upgrades will be on a two-year cycle with the next upgrade in January 2025 (V6.X). CFS Designer users will need to buy the software to make sure their upgrade stays current. If you buy the software within five months prior to an upgrade, you will receive a coupon for a free upgrade to the next version. Within 9 months of the upgrade, you will receive a coupon voucher for $100 off the upgrade price.

Users who do not upgrade their software will not receive software updates or software support. Simpson Strong-Tie reserves the right to change the user and site prices at any time.

Pricing Structure

1 user: $349

2 user: $399

3 user: $449

Site license: $499


Our Technical Support Department hours are M–F from 8am–5pm Pacific Time.

In most cases you will receive a response in two business days or less.

Have questions? Please contact us at asksimpson@strongtie.com.

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