Release Notes Connector Selector Software US
    New Release Notes:

      Version 2024.1.30
    • Updated:
      • Updated database to fix a bug with DGT hangers
    Version 2024.1.11
  • Updated:
    • Updated to Database based on the Wood Construction Connectors Catalog (C-C-2024)
    • Hurricane Tie functionality has been replaced by the NEW Roof to Wall Selector web application
    • EG glulam hanger loads adjusted to match catalog
    • HB2 2x and 3x nailer loads updated per new testing
    • HGLT and HGLTV now allow combined slope & skew
    • HWPH now limits combined slope & skews to no more than 45 skew
    • IUS 2 7/16 size hangers no longer limited to special 2 1/4" loads (note was removed from catalog)
    • LRUZ slope limits have been updated to match the catalog
    • THAC now show when ‘concealed’ style is selected
    • WMU hangers now offer both Masonry Mid-Wall and Masonry Top-of-Wall applications
    • AB series post bases now require 2" side cover and only give anchor diameter without giving a specific type such as RFB’s
  • Added:
    • DGT Firewall hangers
    • HGUS wide sizes for EWP
    • HWPH8x’s
    • More Glulam sizes in solid sawn widths such as 5 1/2 etc.
  • Removed:
    • 2 11/16" wide PSL sizes
    Version 2022.7.14
  • Updated:
    Updated expiration date for DLLs
    Fixed a bug relating to zero load values for IUS/MIU Hangers
    Fixed a bug relating to APHH load values
    Fixed a bug relating to LSSJ load values
    Fixed a bug showing HGU7.25X option when skewed
  • Added:
    Added references to NEW Hanger Selector web application
    Added LSL Nailer option
    Version 2021.9.23
  • Updated:
    Fixed a bug with installer where new version doesn't correctly install when an old version is present
    Revised version numbering
    Revised expiration date for DLLs (08/24)
    Fixed a bug that didn't allow users to open previously saved files
    Fixed several bugs related to LSSR Hangers and Cost Index
    Fixed a bug where some products referenced older catalog pages
    Fixed a bug related to CMU walls and Hurricane Ties
    Fixed a bug where incorrect hanger heights were shown
    Version 2020.12.04
  • Added:
    THA hangers, MAX nailing options for top flange installations
    TNT masonry screws for concrete and masonry connectors
    HTU hangers, short header applications
  • Updated:
    B & WP series hangers, multiple load updates for various headers & Nailers
    THA series multiple load updates for both face mount and top mount (separate from max TF nail applications mentioned above)
    H hurricane ties, various load updates
    THGB skewed loads
    BA2.1/11.88 dimensions to match correct joist
    LUS screw application joist quantity
  • Removed:
    Anchor tab (See our new Post-to-Foundation Designer application)
    Holdown tab (See our new Post-to-Foundation Designer application)
    Ply Join tab (See our Fastener Designer web application)
    Version 2020.4.16
  • Added:
    HWP’s expanded specials ability
    Various new models to accommodate special orders
  • Updated:
    HUS26 loads
    LSSJ28 header height limitations (shouldn’t show on 2x6’s)
    THGQ max bottom chords to match C-2019 catalog
    THA422 face mount load increase
    SD screw values in double shear hangers (no longer includes 0.83 toe nail factor)
    HWPH Offset Top flange factors
    BA hangers to limit Top Flange Slope options to no less than 14” in height, and limit TFO to no less than 9-1/4
    Acceptable joist width on BA1.62’s
    THGQ SPF loads to match C-2019
    Floor truss heights to fit corresponding DGF hangers
    WMU joist nails quantity
    Blocked WMU loads when slope&skew. Block uplift loads when skewed.
    HB’s updated joist nail lengths on narrow hangers
    BA series specials uplift values
    Limited certain combinations of BA series Top Flange Sloped with skews
    Added LVL PSL LSL header options to LRU’s
    Added GluLam header options to EGQ’s
    Uplift factors for specials to match catalog notes.
    HWPH 4x’s SPF loads
    LSSR, update the joist nail quantity’s when skewed to match catalog tables, set overrides in calc., remove LSSU’s while in calc program
  • Corrected:
    PBS44AZ, correct name typo
    WP312 correct height from 9-1/8 to 11-1/8
    HB610 correct height to 9-3/16
    HB612 correct height to 11-1/8
    HB614 correct height to 13-1/8
    ITS joist nail quantities
    Version 2019.1.2.0
  • Removed:
    Several Incorrect I-Joist sizes
  • Corrected:
    Drywall Hangers are shown as a solution for Floor Trusses
    Fixed Installed Cost Index (ICI) issue affecting some products
    Version 2019.1.1.0
  • Added:
    Add CPTZ series Concealed Post Tie's
    Add new WP series hangers to replace various discontinued products
    Add new EGQ sereis hangers in Glulam widths
    Add new MPB88Z moment post base
    Add various 2-11/16 PSL hangers
    Add (L)THJA26's on 2x4 bottom chord applications
  • Updated:
    Update IUS, HTU, SUR & LRU's series hangers to allow short nails on 4x headers
    Update STHD foundation end distances
  • Removed:
    SDS tip loads
  • Corrected:
    correct LTHMA nail quantity
    Version 2018.1.1.0
  • Added:
    APB88 &1010's
    Double 2x mudsill anchorage
    DG, DGB & DGH drywall hangers
    APL & APHH decorative hangers
  • Updated:
    SDS screw names from fraction to new decimal nomenclature
    Limits of concealed flange hangers skewed over 45 degrees
    ANSI/TPI limits calculation
    Adjust rounding to nearest 5 lb method
    Version 2017.1.3.0
  • Added:
    ANSI/TPI added 2014 option
    APB architectural post bases
    UA/HUA ornamental hangers
    HWP/HWPH hangers
    LSSJ skewable hangers
    MPBZ post bases
    URFP foundation plates
    CB64 column base
    PPB66 column base
    CCQ84 & 94 column caps
    DHU drywall hangers added skew option
    WMU masonry hangers with uplift
  • Updated:
    MASA, added 8X and 10X sill sizes
    MASB, updated loads
    MAB, added 8X and 10X sill sizes
    SSTB, updated CMU loads
    HDU11, updated loads
    LTT19, added 2x6 stud
    HD5B, added 2x loads
    AB series post bases, updated various dimensions and loads
    B, BA & ITS added steel header option
    H ties, ETA, LGT, VGT various table updates
    LGT/VGT added lateral loads
  • Removed:
    Version 2016.1.1
  • Added:
    Add 4x nailers in Hem Fir
    Added new Hem Fir joist and header sizes.
  • Updated:
    Fix Glulam 5.5x22. Was listed twice while no 22.5 available. Same 5.5x20.625.
    Allow HGLTV’s on multi-ply LVL headers. New testing proved application.
    Updated B series specials allowable loads
    Updated LSSU loads when installed with SD screws.
    Adjusted hanger dimensions used for double floor trusses
    Set expiration warnings to only start after March 31 one year after release, and expiration stop-working to only happen March 31’s 3 years after release.
  • Updated:
    Remove PC Series (replaced by PCZ series)
    Removed 2x nailers 2x14 and larger.
    Version 2015.2.4
  • Added:
    23-7/8 depth LVL
    UA/HUA variable width hangers
    Version 2015.1.1
  • Added:
    PCZ series post caps
    JBA and LBAZ solid sawn joist hangers
    BA sizes
    ABU's in Rough sizes
    HTT5 designed for 3/4" anchor
    CC 84 & 94
    SDWC screw as a hurricane tie
  • Updated:
    Post & Column Bases cracked concrete capability
    MIT's now work on 3x ledgers
    W series on skewed floor trusses now get the "Type B" nomenclature added to the specials callout
    LRU now slopes to 49 degrees
    LRU updated uplift loads and installed cost
    THASR/L now skews to 84 degrees
    PF series, updated loads
    ITS, added optional uplift loads
    THGQH updated fastener quantities & Loads
    HTHMQ, update screw lengths
    EGQ series now skewable
    Adjust minimum slope and skew limits for specials on various hangers
    Expand footing width selection to accommodate large PAB series anchors
    GLTV, updated LVL and LSL loads
    SUR/L series now allows up to 50 degree skews
    New I-Joist size 2-9/16 x 9-1/2
  • Removed:
    Unused Glulam sizes
    Obsolete HIT35 models
    Version 2014.1.1
  •    Added new DU,DHU,DHUTF series drywall hangers
    Expanded selection of hangers rated for use with SD9 & SD10 screws.
    Added new PFB series post frame hangers
    Added new KBS1Z knee brace stabilizer
    Added new PPB porch post bases
    Expanded selection of girder ply's available to THGQ series.
    Added a "Style" filter for showing only screw attached hangers
    Adjusted skew limits on HUC concealed flange hangers
    Expanded selection of hangers available for sheathed or drywall covered stud walls, including gaps.
    Version 2013.0.2
  •    Added HTHMQ
    Added HTHGQ & 5 ply trusses
    Added THGQ SCL sizes
    Added HHSUQ
    Added ABU5-5, 5-6 & 10
    Added CB612
    Added HHGU11
    Added HGLT7.12
    Added H10A-2
    Added HDU14, 4x6 loads
    Updated HDC loads
    Updated STHD loads
    Updated WPU & HWU uplift loads
    Updated HHB and GLT series loads
    Updated LSU26 loads
    Updated LBV, DF 16d loads
    Updated GLTV uplift loads
    Added EGQ DF loads
    Updated THJU26 loads
    Added H10A sloped application
    Added Walls as a header type
    Added ability to manually enter models into the job list
    Updated LRU pricing so it sorts correctly.
    Version 2012.3.1
  • Stock List updated to work with Windows 7
    Version 2012.2.1
  • Now accepts a Dead Load-only at LDF of 90%.
    Version 2012.1.1
  • Installed Cost Index updates on the LIU series hangers.
    Version 2012.1.0
  •    Simpson Strong-Tie® models that were added to the Connector Selector
    Hinge connectors for 5-1/2" wide beams; LRU slopable hangers; H10A-2 hurricane tie; ABW post bases including rough sizes; MTHMQ multi seat truss hangers; EG, MEG, LEG Bolted glulam hangers
  • Updates
    DTT's changed from 5/8" to 1/2" anchor
    Added W and B info to THGB truss hanger results
    HTU's now work on EWP headers
    Limit skews on HUC's to lesser of 45 degrees or when inside nail holes get blocked
    Added Hem Fir as a header type
    Set ANSI/TPI2007 as default truss design
    Version 2011.2.3
  •    Added a Hinge Connector tab: glulam hinge connectors can now be selected based on download & lateral loads.
    Version 2011.0.2
  •    Added cracked concrete and Seismic design categories to MASA, SSTB, SB and STHD anchors.
    Added link from Holdown tab to new Anchorage tab. Link pre-populates many of the Anchorage questions with Holdown information; Added PAB series anchor bolts. These now give anchorage choices above 1" diameter; Added CC4.62 size Column Caps; Added Skew options to LGU,MGU,HGU series; Added HDB series holdowns; Added CB610; Added LTA2; Added TSP; Removed anchor bolts from Holdown tab and gave them their own Anchorage tab.
    Removed discontinued products
    Changed web stiffener requirements.
    Update loads & products per changes in the 2011 catalog
    Version 2010.4.5
  •    Allowed for point loads to be applied for SDW screws in the "Ply Join section."; Lowered the allowable loads for the MIT hangers when used with 2-1/4" and 2-5/16" wide I-joists.
    Version 2010.4.1
  •    LBV series hangers have had their uplift loads restored. An error was causing many of them to show 0 uplift.; SDW series screws have been added to the Ply Join section.; Ply Join section has been changed to show "tip" loading.
    Loads increased on some narrow sizes of double shear hanger due to a change in code calculation requirements.
    Version 2010.1.2
  • New Products:
    MBHU Masonry beam hanger; CCQM Masonry column cap
  • New Applications:
    Added many hangers and connectors for use with SD9 and SD10 screws
    Added Southern Pine species to Post Base applications
    Added Hem Fir species to holdowns
  • Corrections:
    Limited HTT4&5 holdowns to minimum 3" thick stud; Limited META, HETA and HHETA Lateral loads for double installations on single ply trusses to single installation values.*
    Added missing 22 and 24" LVL joists and headers
    * A reduction in the allowable lateral load for the META, HETA, HHETA double installation according to table footnote 6 on p. 145 of the C-2009 catalog was not being applied by the program between March 2008 and this release. The note limits lateral loads for double straps installed on a single ply truss to no more than the corresponding single strap loads on the previous page
  • Replacements:
    Removed ITT & IUT composite joist hangers. Replaced by ITS and IUS hangers; Removed HTT16 and HTT22 tension ties. Replaced by HTT4 and HTT5 tension ties; Removed MAS mudsill anchors. Replaced by MASA mudsill anchor; Removed CBQ column bases. Replaced by CBSQ column bases.

Connector Selector Software

US Version US Version: 2024.1.30
Canadian Version Canadian Version

Category: Wood Connectors
Updated: January 30, 2024
Size: 15 MB

Release Notes  

Simpson Strong-Tie Connector Selector (Allowable Stress Design) software tells you which products are appropriate for your connection then sorts them by least installed cost. The built-in Job List can track your projects and print a shopping list, including nails! An easy to use stock list identifies which products you keep in stock.

US (Allowable Stress Design) and Canadian (Limit States Design) versions are available. Enter your email address below. For European editions of the Connector Selector software please refer to our European sites.



  • Easy to use connector selection software,available free of charge.
  • Helps find lowest cost connector.
  • Highlights stocked or preferred hangers.
  • Joist and header hanger solutions for commonly used Solid Sawn lumber,I-joists,SCL,Glulam and trusses. Wood species and masonry type considered during selection process.
  • Automatically applies connector load adjustment factors for modifications (i.e. slopes,skews,etc.) and specifies proper model numbers for easy order placement.
  • Regular updates posted for easy download.
  • Linked to the PDF catalog page of selected connector.
  • Save or export, print solutions,job files,and material lists. Including total fasteners required.
  • Minimum system requirements:Windows 95 or higher and Internet Explorer 5 or higher.


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