Release Notes Connector Selector Software Canada
New Release Notes:

    Version 2023.9.14
  • Added:
    Minor bug fixes
    Top of Wall installation for Masonry
  • Updated:
    Minor bug fixes
    2023 Catalog changes
    Version 2023.7.17
  • Updated:
    Added new masonry option
    Fixed a bug relating to missing solutions when skewed for LSSR series
    Fixed a bug relating to missing solutions when slope and top flange down for BA/HB/LBV/B series
    Added references to NEW Hanger Selector web application
    Version 2021.9.23
  • Updated:
    Revised version numbering
    Fixed a bug where wrong values for column base were displayed
    Revised expiration date for DLL (08/24)
    Fixed a bug where incorrect hanger heights were shown
    Version 21.7.2
  • Added:
    HUS1.81/10 for SPF/LVL using N10 Nails
  • Updated:
    Hanger Dimensions
    BA Hangers on SPF Wall with Drywall Over Stud
    Add PSL and LSL Headers for HUCQ Hangers
    Updated ICI Index
    Other Calculation Updates
  • Removed:
    MIT211.88, MIT211.88-2, MIT29.5-2
    Version 2020.4.22
  • Added:
    New and/or additional sizes for BA, WP, HWP, HWPH, EGQ, HGU and HHGU series of hangers
    APHH and APLH Series
    DGF, DGBF and DGHF Firewall Hangers
    LSSR Slopeable/Skewable Rafter Hangers
    H1.81Z Hurricane Ties
    CBTZ, CPTZ, and RCPS Series Column Bases
  • Removed:
    Joist: B Series, LBV Series, W Series, GLT Series, GLTV Series, HW Series, HWU Series, HHB Series, LSU Series
    Hurricane Tie: H16S, H16-2, H16-2S
    Column Base: LCB, CBGT7-10.5, CBGT9-6, CBGT9-7.5, CBGT1012, EPS4Z, EPS6Z, MAB23
  • Updated:
    Hurricane Tie: Added Rafter/Truss Types, and associated sizes
    Version 2018.1.1.0
  • Factored resistances updated to match C-C-CAN2018 catalogue
  • Added:
    LSSJZ field adjustable hanger for solid sawn lumber
    HWP and HWPH top flange purlin hangers
    ABU1212 and ABU1212R adjustable post bases
  • Updated:
    Download resistances on some HGUS and HHUS hangers
  • Removed:
    Discontinued sizes of LF and LT hangers
    HDC holdowns
    Hurricane ties H4, H5, H5A and H10-2
    WM masonry hangers and replaced with WMU series
    Version 2016.1.1
  • Updated expiration date.
    Version 2015.1.1
  • Factored resistances updated to match C-C-CAN2015 catalogue
  • Added new products:
    JBA and LBA top flange hangers
    HTHMQ heavy multiple truss hanger
    MTHMQ multiple truss hanger
    HTHGQ truss girder hanger
    HHSUQ heavy severe-skew truss and SCL hanger
    PCZ/EPCZ post caps
    LRUZ rafter hangers
    TJC57 truss jack connector
    THGQ/THGQH truss girder hangers in SCL widths
    ABW adjustable post bases
  • Removed obsolete products:
    ABE post bases
    PC/EPC post caps
    MA mudsill anchors
    JB210, JB212, LB210, LB212 top flange hangers
    2 11/16” PSL sizes
    Version 2012.1.5
  • Updated Expiration Date.
    Version 2012.1.1
  • Connector capacities revised to match NBCC2010 requirements.
  • Added new products:
  • MASA & MASAP mudsill anchors; HTT4 & HTT5 tension ties; DTT2Z holdowns; HDB holdowns; THASR/L29, 29-2 and 422; TSP hurricane tie; LTA2 lateral truss anchor
  • Removed obsolete products:
  • MAS mudsill anchors; HTT16 & HTT22 tension ties; PHD holdowns; HDA holdowns; HDC5/22 holdowns; CBQ column bases; THASR/L218, 218-2 and 418; H2.5 and H10 hurricane ties; H15 & H15-2 hurricane ties; LTA1 lateral truss anchor; Replaced SDS screws with SDW screws in “Ply Join” tab.; New ITS sizes have been added; Added uplift capacities for optional installation and installation on nailers for top flange hangers
  • Updated CC and ECC column caps
    • Replaced CC-C and ECC-C with CC and ECC.
    • Uplift values for CC column caps are available
  • Added 4.62” wide CC/ECC and CCQ/ECCQ column caps; Added CBGT and CBQGT column bases; THGBV, THGBHV and THGW hangers for SCL joists sizes have been added
    Version 2009.2.1
  • Updated to reflect the most current Limit States Design values.
    Version 2008.1.1
  • New Product Additions:
  • ITS top flange hangers for Engineered Wood Products; LUC concealed flange hangers for 2x lumber; LGUM/HGUM beam hangers for concrete or masonry attachment; THJU26 truss hip/jack hangers; THASR/L418 floor truss hangers, field skewable from 22 1/2° to 84°; H2A hurricane tie; H10A hurricane tie; H10S hurricane tie; LGT4 4-ply girder truss tiedown; VGT girder truss tiedown; HDU14 high capacity holdown
  • Key Program Enhancements:
  • Factored Resistances updated to match C-CAN08 catalogue
  • THASR/L adjustable truss hangers are now field skewable down to 22 1/2°
  • THGQH truss girder hangers now available at 45° skew
  • IUS and ITS hanger solutions expanded to include solid rectangular members such as Structural Composite Lumber a joist
  • Selection of I-joists with various flange thicknesses added.
  • Floor Truss selection now available as a joist
  • Ledger and Floor Truss now selectable as header choice

Connector Selector Software

US Version Canadian Version: v2023.9.14
Canadian Version US Version

Category: Wood Connectors
Updated: September 14, 2023
Size: 11 MB

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Simpson Strong-Tie® Connector Selector (Limit States Design) software tells you which products are appropriate for your connection then sorts them by least installed cost. The built-in Job List can track your projects and print a shopping list, including nails! An easy to use stock list identifies which products you keep in stock.

US (Allowable Stress Design) and Canadian (Limit States Design) versions are available. Enter your email address below. For European editions of the Connector Selector software please refer to our European sites.



  • Easy to use connector selection software,available free of charge.
  • Helps find lowest cost connector.
  • Highlights stocked or preferred hangers.
  • Joist and header hanger solutions for commonly used Solid Sawn lumber,I-joists,SCL,Glulam and trusses. Wood species and masonry type considered during selection process.
  • Automatically applies connector load adjustment factors for modifications (i.e. slopes,skews,etc.) and specifies proper model numbers for easy order placement.
  • Regular upgrades posted on our website for easy downloads.
  • Linked to the PDF catalog page of selected connector.
  • Save or export,print solutions,job files,and material lists. Including total fasteners required.
  • Minimum system requirements:Windows 95 or higher and Internet Explorer 5 or higher.


Connector Selector Basics

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The Truss Tabs


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